May Top Tips + Partner Of The Month…

The summer is nearly upon us! We have asked Chris Georghiou from Business Development to provide some top tips to inspire you to power on through the warmer months. Also read on to find out who is’s partner of the month…


Chris’ Top Tips


Increase your domain portfolio. In an industry that continues to grow, you should never remain flat-footed. Your dating site may be one of the best performing in its market but why stop there? In a world where niche is key and purse strings remain tight, consumers are only looking to spend on things they either need, or cannot live without. In the dating industry this means sites that fit their profile, sites that satisfy their needs. So the next time you think about the things you love (for example cooking), why not think about how this could be turned into a dating site? Every niche has a market and every domain has a niche . So get your thinking caps on and increase your domain portfolio……

Spread the love. Increasing your brand potential is not just about offering your members the choice of different networks (General, Mature, etc), it is about offering our different databases your brand. For instance- you have just purchased and want to focus on the UK. Spread the love and purchase, and increase your brand audience and revenue potential in the process. ‘Obviously’ you say! So why haven’t you done it yet?!

– Finally and most importantly, keep in regular contact with your Partner Manager. From site set-up to effective marketing and advertising campaigns, they are on hand to help you build and develop a successful dating brand. As the leading white label provider, we not only understand the needs of our members, we also recognise the needs of our partners and have everything in place to ensure everybody counts. So… when was the last time you spoke with your Account Manager?


Partner Of The Month


Congratulations to Tim Taylor who is our May Partner Of The Month! Tim has worked incredibly hard over the past three and a half years to build a very successful dating brand that spans a full range of networks and takes full advantage of the niching facility. Gary Taylor, Tim’s Partner Manager adds:

“Tim is a fantastic partner to work with, utilising all the tools available to him to succeed.’s campaign tracking has become an integral tool to monitor multiple campaigns, ad groups and keyword performance. Tim also uses Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking to follow the performance of advertising strategies and also’s email campaigns. He has used the niching functionality to create some fantastic sites, that have turned into some of the largest niche sites on the platform.” Congrats Tim!


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