May International Round-Up

InlineOur international update focuses on the world of mobile, which has been performing very well since its launch in January. Read on to find out the latest statistics and news from


With the mobile market worth an estimated £152 Billion in 2011 (and predicted to grow to a phenomenal £425 Billion by 2015); the world of mobile is big business. According to Googlemobile dating queries are growing 123% year on year as the public also choose to use mobile devices to access the web as well as desktop applications.

Since the launch of our mobile platform, we have seen some fantastic growth results across our international networks. Check out our latest mobile market stats below for South Africa and Australia:

  • Mobile traffic from the WLD South Africa network has increased by +225% (Jan- April 2012)
  • Mobile traffic from Australia has nearly doubled since the January launch
  • Adult mobile sites on all WLD international networks have been performing incredibly strongly
  • +125% increase in AUS revenue from Australian mobile subscribers since the launch of mobile
  • +485% increase in SA revenue from South African mobile subscribers since the launch of mobile

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Need some help drilling down your mobile campaigns? provides access to a full set of data from research commissioned by Google; conducted by Ipsos Media CT in partnership with the Mobile Marketing Association and the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Businesses can use the data on the site to gain a deeper understanding of the mobile consumer and make data-driven decisions on how to use mobile to help grow their business faster. If you would like any further advice, do get in touch with the partner team who are Google qualified and always available to help!




As we continue to expand and help our partners grow their dating businesses globally, we have also increased our service and support to you by the launch of 24 hour Moderation. This means that our Mods team are now working around the clock, approving profiles and keeping scammers at bay at all times, dramatically reducing response times. So far we have seen some fantastic results which we will report on in next week’s newsletter. Stay tuned for further news!




In celebration of an extended bank holiday weekend in the UK for the diamond Jubilee, marking 60 years of the Queen’s reign, a Jubilee sale is being promoted today to basic members to improve member engagement and drive further conversions.

On Sunday an offer reminder will be sent, followed by a Free Read on Tuesday 5th June from 6pm-8pm in local time zones for the UK, Australia, South Africa & USA networks.

As always, please speak to your Partner Manager if you need any advice or help.



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