March International Focus

Our international update focuses on Australia this month, which has been performing very well over the last 12 months. Read on to find out the latest statistics and news from the network down under…




– Australia is’s biggest revenue-producing international territory.

– The country has the highest revenue per subscription of any territory, with the first membership payment averaging at £50.50 across the WLD network.

– Niche sites are proving popular with the Aussie network, as are the mature and adult networks.

According to research by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Frost & Sullivan, online spending by Australians will reach$21.7 billion by 2015, representing a compound annual growth rate of 12.6%.

Drivers of growth include:

• Global supply chains are now delivering cost effectively and quickly to consumers, removing what was previously a major barrier to shopping online offshore. This has increased consumer awareness of the benefits of buying online / time spent online

• The exponential uptake of mobile devices such as iPhones and the role of social media are increasingly effecting the purchasing decision. Consumers indicated in the research survey that mobile devices made online shopping easier and increased the time available to spend browsing for goods to buy online

• The strength of the Australian dollar and the range of products available to Australian customers are growing by the day

As you can see from the above research, Australia is a vibrant country with a rapidly growing online market to meet the increasing demands of those who live there. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to invest in this rewarding networkSpeak to the partner team today if you would like to find out more information.



During our time at the Online Dating Summit, we attended some very interesting panels and presentations regarding the Australian dating market. Oasis Active (one of Australia’s largest dating sites) reported that until 2008, the market was dominated by large local players such as RSVP.

Arrival of free sites (including Oasis) resulted in evolution of the market and Australians have embraced online dating (both free and paid sites), and it is a thriving, competitive market.

Oasis Active also confirmed that mobile dating is one of the strongest emerging trends. Mobile dating usage is around 30% but with most sites still generalist in nature, another growth opportunity lies in niche dating offerings. 

Some very interesting insights for our WLD partners! Please click here to read our post-event review in full, in the ‘Resources’ section of the Partner Portal.



We hope that you found this newsletter informative. If you have any questions regarding the Australian dating market, do get in touch – the Partner Team are here to help your dating portfolio achieve the most in this sizzling country.

Best regards,

Louisa Page
B2B PR & Marketing Executive

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