March Comms Round-up

What happened to March? It’s just flown by and suddenly everyone’s talking of Easter. It’s been an incredible month full of pace, excitement and success. We couldn’t be happier with the way everything has gone. One big change has been the introduction of auto login from email. Before, 10%-18% of our customers dropped out at the login page having clicked through on an email: now they are all pouring straight through to what they want. We’ve seen that traffic increase translate straight through to revenue. Simple, but highly effective.

An enormously successful special offer on a six month sub has generated a lot of upgrades which will fall into the re-bill cycle in August providing strong ongoing revenues. These deeper offers are great when targeted at basic members who have chosen not to convert.

Mother’s Day and ‘Yummy Mummy Week’ kept us busy with Free Read periods that generated two of our highest Members Online levels we have ever seen. This was, for the first time, supported by banner activity on our sites throughout the day. A big success and definitely an approach we will follow again. The follow up offer brought in a good amount of upgrades and included follow up activity that used a St. Patrick’s Day theme.

We’ve had loads of engagement activity with incentivised campaigns to encourage photo upload, diary entries, icebreakers, winks and video. Just a sample of the results saw photos up 70% and videos doubling in volume. We used customers’ responses in further campaigns to support testimonials and featured member activity – one video generated 9,000 clicks on it’s own and an email with an 85% click through rate – unheard of previously.

Mobile is here and was supported with a massive email and banner campaign that saw a great creative execution generating a 17% increase in mobile traffic. Don’t worry, there’s more coming on mobile and it will get better and better.

We continue to develop our ‘Featured Member’ activity and the trend for both opens and clicks is ever upward with success across all the networks and in particular our International markets.

Time for a deep breath and we will plunge straight into April. See you soon…

Harry Lloyd, Comms Team.

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