Loving a bit of The Oatmeal

We just wanted to share with you our love for this really cool new website. The oatmeal is a cool website full of amusing quizzes, stories and just a bunch of really fun stuff!! We wanted to give you guys a heads up on the site as we wouldn’t want you missing out on some really cool content now would we?

You can take a quiz and see how much you are addicted to twitter, or perhaps you fancy reading about the 5 phases of caffeine intake, working out if you are up to scratch with your spelling or simply have a good read about the exciting life of a tapeworm and just how many of them could actually live inside your stomach… hey sometimes you just need to know what’s going on in there!

Everything on the site was designed by Matthew Inman, who is a very creative web designer from Washington, USA. He has some great social media links on the site; you can follow The Oatmeal on facebook and twitter.

Matthew Inman has definitely got people remembering him and the viral reaction he has had towards his site has been huge, it’s been flying round the e-mail systems!

Why not take a few ideas from the site for your very own marketing campaign. Matthew seems to have things under control and going really well. has surpassed 10,000 page views in a single hour! With 1.4 million total since launch just one month ago!

Good luck to Matthew, and well done on the site, we love it!

The Oatmeal

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