Love has Never been so Comfortable

With the recent press around size zero models, Victoria Beckham’s weight loss and the constant pressure on the public (females especially) to conform to ideal set by celebrities – body shape and weight has never received so much attention.

It’s great to see one of our partners tackling these issues head on.  The owner of realise that the world is made up of all shapes and sizes and it’s being comfortable in your skin that matters. After all, there are plenty of  beautiful people out there that might fall outside the “ideal body size” that the press would have us believe is “what the opposite sex find attractive”, that are looking to find somebody. The fundamental desire to find your soul mate isn’t something that changes with your dress size.

The site quotes:-

“We don’t care if you’re big, small, fat, then, curvy, voluptuous, bumpy, chubby, tubby or anything in between. Here at we have millions of people with a lot to offer, and we’re here to help you find your perfect partner”

They haven’t set their sites small either, launching sites on the UK, American, South African and Canadian networks.

The site’s already starting to build momentum having advertised on Google and developing their own SEO strategy with a blog being added to the sites shortly. This will ensure that there’s plenty of new content to be indexed by the search engines that will be regularly updated.

We wish lots and lots of luck and look forward to watching their progress as niches reach new levels.


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