Let WLD help you to monetise your online empire

Steve Harriss launched as a free service a few years ago when online communities were really beginning to explode onto the internet. Although he managed to build his database up to 90,000 members, the day to day running of the site was becoming too much of a drain on his personal life.

He wanted a service that could take care of all the backend running of his site and within a week of getting in touch with, was up and running on the WLD network. Best of all, it was now making Steve money.

“I have run for 8 years now and the sites popularity has outstripped my ability to run it with the necessary degree of quality it deserves. Also the site had traditionally been a free service which I had tried to monetise with varying degrees of success. After starting a new job I realised I no longer had the time to manage the site and looked for an alternative solution. WhiteLabelDating was an obvious choice with their growing reputation for offering an excellent managed white label solution.

On first contact I realised I had made the right decision. My account manager Scott has been an incredible support in every aspect of switching the site to the WhiteLabelDating structure. The communication with White Label has been excellent, with Scott showing just as much excitement as me when we started to convert members. I have used other white label solutions in the past but none of them come anywhere near the sort of support and quality you get from WhiteLabelDating. The money is starting to roll in and I’m already starting to migrate other sites to WLD.”

Steve has now also transferred two of his other sites,, and onto the WLD platform. Although they have only been a part of the WLD database for a week, they are already far exceeding Steve’s expectations, and he has not looked back!

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