Laura’s Top Tips!

Lglobalpersonals_hr_col-2887aura has been here at for 3 years and is one of our expert Partner Account Managers!  Laura’s top tips for this month are ……..


The power of your members’ testimonials is invaluable!   Genuine success stories are a fantastic way of selling the site to potential new members who are visiting the site for the first time and also for building trust in your brand with existing members.  We have hundreds of success stories every month, so contact your Partner Manager for details.

Take advantage of niche
Now is the prime time to get involved with niche dating with the recent launch of niche filtering.  In a highly competitive market, it’s incredibly important to stand out and have a Unique Selling Point that sets your site apart from the crowd.

Don’t forget your payment band!
It’s really important to ensure your sites are at the right price point for your members and payment bands are an area often overlooked once a site has been launched.  The opportunity with subscription costs is always changing and an increase in price that may not have worked 6 months ago could now work perfectly in this constantly evolving market.  Speak to your Partner Manager to find out the different options and which are best suited for your site.

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