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We are only a few months into the year and already we’ve received lots of lovely success stories from members who have left our sites very happy indeed. Even better, it looks as though there are a few weddings on the cards this year and it’s all thanks to our dating sites. Our first success came from Cool FM Dating and even made it into the local newspaper.

We found love the cool way… “It will be two years in April of this year since the first time I met Sam. Before then, I found it hard to meet people because most of those in my circle of friends were attached and I found that because I was socialising with them, I didn’t often find myself in places where there were a lot of single men. I finally decided to sign up for a few dating websites. In early 2010 I’d already signed up for Cool FM Dating and had paid the fees, but it’d been a while since I’d gone on to check for messages. That was when I found a message from Sam. I don’t know why I chose to open that message rather than any of the others but I think there was an element of fate involved. We decided to meet up and we instantly hit it off. Over the next six months we met up about two or three times a week but after that amount of time, due to the fact that we lived quite far away from each other, we were beginning to find it harder and harder to say goodbye each time.

Our first year had simply flown by and by Christmas 2010, we both decided that it would be easier if Sam was to come and move into my apartment. In October of last year Sam proposed to me and of course I said ‘Yes’. We’ve decided to get married over the Easter holidays this year. It’s all a bit soon but, as I work as an events manager, it’s nothing I can’t handle. It’s been a fantastic two years, and we both wouldn’t have crossed paths unless we’d met on that dating website.

Our second success story comes from the site Single Mums and Single Dads UK.

Happily ever after…After coming out of an abusive relationship and being on my own for 6 months I decided to join your website. One night I was scrolling through the men when my 16 year old daughter spotted Lawrence and told me to email him, so I did. I immediately got a reply as Lawrence was also online, and ironically he was viewing my profile. After a lot of emails, text messages and conversations we decided to meet half way between our homes 2 days later. I was in my car waiting as he turned up in his car; my stomach sank with fear to what I may have done. Loz had also come out of an abusive relationship so we were both reluctant to want another one. However as we both got out of the car, we fell into each other and for me it was love at first sight, Loz also felt the same.

We continued to meet and then on Valentine’s Day we went back to our meeting place in Derbyshire where we had a meal and Loz proposed to me on bended knee. He decided to move to Sheffield to live with me and my children who instantly fell in love with him and kept saying I am so glad you make mummy happy and make us happy. One of my daughters is disabled and always calls him step dad and I have never seen her take to anyone the way she does with Loz… we have decided to set a date for our wedding which will be in August 2012. Thanks to your website – what we thought was an impossible task of ever being happy has actually come true. Thank you very much, Taz and Loz.

As always, we’d like to say huge congratulations to both couples and wish them all the best for their upcoming weddings. We’ll get our hats ready!

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