July Comms Round-Up

Another busy month of comms activity, helping email become the number 1 source of all site traffic for July.

The month picked up where we left it in June, with our promotion of the improved ‘Ice Breaker’ functionality through bespoke mailings. As a result we saw a fantastic uplift in member-to-member communication, with a daily average of unique messages sent increasing by +105%! We also saw a +66% increase on the raw volume of ‘Ice Breaker’ messages being sent. These activities have proved an extremely valuable exercise for the profitability of our partner sites.

July also saw an exciting new acquisition tool for some of our partner sites- the introduction of the one-click cross registration! This means that any of our partner sites can grow the member count of their sister sites effectively and quickly, regardless of which network or niche they fall under. This activity was managed by the Comms & Partner teams through a combination of bespoke mailings and the inclusion of ‘cross registration’ footer creatives in any or all of our partner emails. The majority of activity centred around cross-promoting General network sites to their Adult network variations and is also proving to be another profitable exercise.

The tail end of July also allowed us to begin testing the effectiveness of running trials for our basic members across select sites. The test proved a success, with up to 60% of our trial guinea pigs opting to remain a full member after the trial expiry date. This paves the way nicely for August as we begin to roll these trials out across our wider networks…

Until next month!

Toby Prior
Senior Email Marketing Manager

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