Is your site due a re-design?

Did you launch your site over a year ago? Have you noticed sign-ups dropping? Are your bounce rates quite high and the average time on the site quite low? Do you find that your dating site is lost in a sea of other glossier looking sites?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then it might be time for you to consider investing in a site re-design. In a society where image is everything and consumers make their minds up about a service or product in less than 5 seconds based on first impressions; it’s imperative that your site is easy on the eye and appealing to those who visit.

Many partners are marketing and advertising their site successfully through various streams. Potential members are finding the ads, clicking, hitting the landing page and then clicking that button all online companies dread- the ‘back button’. The likely outcome of this situation is that the potential member they have worked so hard to drive to their site will never think twice about visiting again.

Now there could be many reasons for this, but a very real possibility is that they simply didn’t like the look of your site and this is something you can change! You might have seen other dating brands in the market who regularly update their front page to mirror seasonality and to reflect recognised dates such as Valentine’s Day. These small changes to your landing page could make a real difference to the number of sign-ups you generate. Consumers recognise and absorb these changes as it shows that you are an up to date service and in touch with their needs. Highly important in an emotions-based market.

Is your site on our Premium Template?

Many partners have transferred their sites to our premium template already but for those of you who haven’t, please get in touch with your Partner Manager today to get started! The premium template has led to far better conversion rates, which is due to the improved search functionality, better site layout and overall improvement in user enjoyment. Take a look at the two sites below to see the vast differences: is on our standard template and is on the premium template.



A shake up or complete re-design?

It could be as simple as re-arranging your ‘call to actions’ to be more effective, updating your colour scheme or adding a different graphic, all of which are fairly easy to change. However if you think your site could do with a complete overhaul and you’re not entirely confident with your own design skills, your Partner Manager can point you in the right direction if you’re stuck for a designer. Many of our top performing partners update their site design annually to keep in-line with other leading brands and we’re continually working on new developments and functionality for the platform so that we can offer your users the best online dating experience. Ensure that your site’s look and feel match this.

Online dating as an industry is no where near saturation and there are still high volumes of untapped users looking for their ‘perfect fit’ dating site. A funky new design could be the difference between running a mediocre dating site and running a highly successful dating site, so shake up the look and feel of your landing page today!

Hannah Mace, Partner Manager.

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