International Focus: Australia

As our international development programme intensifies, we want to share with you the fantastic results we are experiencing in Australia. Read on for the latest news about our booming Aussie network plus some handy facts regarding the current economic climate down under…


Stats Corner


Australia is currently a healthy market with good levels of online spending from consumers and online dating being a popular resource:

– According to Paypal, Australia’s booming eCommerce market is now worth $26.9 billion and is predicted to grow by more than 10% each year to be worth $36.8 billion in 2013.

– IBISWorld predicted that the online dating industry in Australia made earnings of almost $100 million in 2010.

– A leading Australian dating site surveyed more than 3000 people and found that 50% had used online dating before.


Our Fastest Growing Network


Currently, Australia is’s fastest growing network for both new members AND revenue.

Over the last 3 months, basic members were up by 86%, with revenue increasing by a fantastic 158%. If you don’t have a site currently on this great network, get in early and make your mark! If you would like to know more, then…


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Our Partner Managers are here to answer any questions that you may have, big or small, helping you grow your portfolio and take advantage of this sizzling region.

Perhaps you have an idea for a niche site? Want some advice on registering domains? Have a promotional idea to fit around one of the Australian Bank Holidays?

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