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Having recently attended industry gathering iDate Sydney, this month’s International Focus looks at the current marketplace in Australia. We reveal key insights learnt at the conference plus look at the latest performance stats for the Aus Network.



Although the market can seem to be dominated by large, established players, consumers are clearly looking for other options – providing a targeted alternative to audiences not served by the large dating operators is a viable way of getting traction in the marketplace.

With the combined data, would currently rank at number 7 for dating traffic in Australia according to Experian Hitwise – a very good result that is growing each day! Our partners have experienced great success in this market with revenues up over +4000% since the start of 2011 and in terms of annualized revenues; Australia is now a $7m AU business. 




On 8th-9th November, attended iDate Sydney, one of the industry’s leading events.

Isabel Arnaud, Enforcement for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), outlined the policies and processes used for dealing with scammers in the Australian territory. Interestingly, dating and romance scams account for only 2.5% of the complaints that the Commission receive. However, dating scams do have a high conversion rate, and are responsible for the second highest monetary losses reported in 2011, demonstrating the need to take them seriously.

This was a highly interesting session and it’s reassuring to know that are doing the right things to keep our members safe.

Google’s Lucien Schneller gave an excellent presentation on suitable strategies and resources that should be employed in order to succeed in the Australian dating market. As an affluent country, tablet penetration is strong in Australia and will reach a staggering 40% by the end of 2012, with a growth rate that that is four to eight times the growth rate of mobile.

Click here to read’s full report from iDate Sydney.




The past year has seen the Aus Network grow leaps and bounds, with partners expanding their portfolios and capitalising from this healthy market. Overall daily revenue from the Australian Network has grown by a fantastic +60% since January.

Mature is one such niche that has done very well, with Experian Hitwise reporting a +150% growth in demand for mature dating sites – a demand created by our partners whose sites account for 4 out of 5 of the top 5 AUS mature sites by traffic.

Mobile adoption and mobile searching for dating queries is hugely popular in Australia. We’ve seen +124.59% growth in the number of visitors to our platform via a mobile device since October 2011. Mobile revenue from basic members upgrading to full subscriptions has risen by +166% since January.

If you are considering launching a dating site on our Aus Network or would like some help building your existing portfolio, then help is at hand. Get in touch with the Partner Team, who will be happy to assist you – reap the reward in Australia today.



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