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With record revenue and fantastic member growth, the international networks have really taken off this year. We thought we would take this opportunity to share some insight and tips to help grow your international portfolio.


Inline– South Africans love email.They have the highest Click-Thru Rate across the entire platform and our email comms always go down well in this country!

– Australia is HOT for our partners’ online dating websites! Members joining the Australian Network has increased by 400% over the last 6 months.

– 123Reg is now open for SA registrations. Treat yourself to some new domains today!

The Irish Network continues to grow rapidly. In the past 6 months, member registrations grew by 92%.

USA will be celebrating Thanks Giving on 24th November– plan your promotional campaigns now to take advantage of the increase of online traffic!

– New Zealand currently has the lowest termination rate across the international networks.



Inline– Research the culture: the use of language and colloquialisms, demographics of the typical user, age, salary and disposable income are all good areas to look at.

– Research the competition: Look at average monthly subscription costs, how and where they advertise, popular niches and the size of the current market.

– Don’t forget expansion options: give your members the opportunity to join mature or adult sites in your portfolio through our ‘one-click’ cross-registration form. Speak to your Partner Manager to find out more.

Use your Partner Manager’s knowledge! They not only know the networks inside out, but they also keep up to date and actively source industry research and news. Pick up the phone today and speak to the team: +44 (0)1753 271280



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Louisa Page
B2B PR & Marketing Executive

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