Important Launch News: ‘Cities’

We are pleased to announce the latest platform feature in the form of  ‘Cities‘  – an extension to the existing regional search mapping functionality available to users.

This new tool will provide the member with even more location options to choose from, enabling them to find other members local to them in a much faster, fluid process.

This will be going live on Monday 5th November across all territories and networks. Read on to find out more…



‘Cities’ will provide our partners with more opportunities to refine and expand their dating website portfolios through the new sub-regions and additional localised niches that will be available through the system.

Members will be prompted to add a location to their profile, which will display within all search areas of the site, i.e. Chelsea, Manhattan, New York. This will aid the user to find better matches, as they can break down the current counties / states into regions relevant to them. Therefore, the more matches that are generated, the dating sites will experience higher conversions from basic to full paying members.

As partners, the ‘Cities’ functionality will allow you more opportunities to refine and expand your portfolio using hyper-local niches available from the tool. This is a vital development and will also play a crucial role in your international expansion.




The possibilities with ‘Cities’ really are endless. So now it’s down to you to make the most of them.

Here’s a quick guide of the first steps to get you started:

  • Register localised domains to monetise on the newly populated database
  • Expand on your existing umbrella brands to cover the newly available towns, cities and suburbs
  • Create additional localised landing pages
  • Launch more localised search campaigns
  • Update existing sites niched by region

Please get in touch with your Partner Manager to utilise this new opportunity and be prepared for the roll out on Monday 5th November.



On Monday 5th November, ‘Cities’ will go live. As a result, there will be complete downtime across platform between 2am and 7am GMT.

A user friendly message will appear to all members, informing we are making improvements to the platform and advising the viewer to check back later.

We will be offering a 50% discount for any subscription to dating sites on the Australian network for this delay to the service.

If you have any queries about this, please speak to your Partner Manager who will be happy to help.



If you have any queries regarding ‘Cities’, please do get in touch. The Partner team are looking forward to working with you on this exciting new update to the platform.

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