How to scale up your business with individual goals

Success is something that takes time to achieve. Building a solid foundation will help you to scale up your business in the most efficient way.

Create realistic objectives, take time to understand every marketing channel available in detail, and set aside a number of modest test budgets to work out which channels prove to be the most profitable for you. You can then create a strategy identifying which channels should be your priority and at what stage in the next year you will focus on each. For example, you could start with SEO, then add PPC to the mix, then venture into using an ad network.

For each method, you should create a micro-strategy to find a good formula that works for that platform. For example, if you’re using ad networks, set up tracking and a host of different banners against a sensible budget, gather the data, and analyze it. You can then determine:

  • Which placements perform the best for which ad banner.

  • Which ad banner gives the best click through rate (CTR).

  • Which landing page sees the highest click to registration rate.

When you have this information, you can begin to optimise accordingly in order to scale up marketing activity. To do this effectively, you need to lay out goals for each stage of the process.


To complete this process effectively, you need to be patient. When testing campaigns, it’s important to leave them long enough to acquire sufficient data for analysis; don’t be tempted to pause them too soon.

To make a success of your dating business, it’s important to allocate a test budget, carry out extensive testing, and set realistic and measurable goals.

If you’d like support with developing your dating business strategy, get in touch with the Partner team today.

Sebastian Hall, Partner Manager at White Label Dating®


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