How to convert mobile traffic

With 40% of traffic to the White Label Dating platform coming from a mobile device, there’s no doubt that mobile should sit high on your priority list when it comes to your dating business. In today’s blog, we’re going to tell you how to effectively convert your mobile traffic by creating a seamless user experience.

Create bespoke mobile campaigns

Tailor your campaigns for each device, not just in their targeting but in their copy too. Typically, click-through rates (CTR) rise when an ad specifically references mobile in its text; for example, we could expect to see a higher CTR for ‘the UK’s favourite mobile dating site’ than for ‘the UK’s favourite dating site’. As you would with desktop, keep your ads relevant.

Read Frazer’s blog here for more tips on how to optimise your ads for mobile.

Adjust your bids by device

When allocating budget for each device, it’s a good idea to contact the Partner team to find out the lifetime value (LTV) of your members based on the device they signed up from.

When you have this information, use Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns to your adjust bids by device. After you’ve launched some campaigns, monitor your mobile versus desktop traffic using the Campaign Tracking tool in the White Label Dating Partner Portal (find out more here). Adjust your bids accordingly to keep acquisition costs down.

Read our comprehensive guide to Enhanced Campaigns here.

Optimise your mobile landing page

It’s also important to optimise your landing page for mobile, providing a seamless link between your ad and your site to maximise conversion rates. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, users are likely to bounce meaning that you could be missing out on valuable sign-ups, and revenue.

Dave’s blog gives some great tips on how to optimise your mobile landing page, and monitor the traffic it receives. Click here to read it.

To summarise

  • Create tailored mobile specific ad campaigns to improve click-through rates.

  • Regularly optimise your campaigns and adjust bids accordingly to get the most from your mobile traffic.

  • Create bespoke mobile landing pages to provide a seamless user experience and improve click-to-registration rates.

If you have any questions about anything covered in today’s blog, please get in touch with the Partner team. We’re here to help!

Alex Robertson, Partner Manager at White Label Dating®

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