High revenue shares are great, but keep an eye on those conversions.

When it comes to choosing a white label platform that is right for you, high commission rates can easily make one platform look much more attractive than any other. However, anyone who is clued up about the dating industry will know, the key to success goes much deeper than purely the level of commission you are receiving from your platform.

You have to consider conversion rates from visitors to full paying members, of course not forgetting retention rates of your existing members. Remember, the highest commission rate does not always mean the highest amount of money going back into your pocket. You have to consider the whole service.

For example, a provider who offers 80% on new business and 60% on repeat billings, but converts visitors to members at 5% less than WLD, would actually earn the partner 20% LESS than if they were on a standard 50/50 revenue share with WLD.

Since you spend so much time and money driving that valuable, high quality traffic to your website, converting that traffic is what really matters. With higher conversion rates than any of our competitors, it is our platform that will ultimately make you the most money.

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