Helping Those Booted from

We were shocked and appalled when we heard the news that 5,000 members were being dispelled from the online dating site for gaining a few pounds over Christmas.

As such, we have decided to offer these poor folks an opportunity to get a month’s free membership on for them to experience a site which believes that beauty is more than skin deep.

The psychological ramifications of being rejected because of physical appearances are great. In an age where eating disorders are plaguing global populations, these acts of intolerance should not be encouraged. This is no different to cyber bullying.

While niche dating is the latest trend in online dating, sites that show prejudice and oust members because of appearance, age, and sexuality should be made unlawful. If it illegal to eject customers from public places based on attributes, it should also be the case with online dating sites.

Let’s hope can bring happiness to some of those people for 2010…

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