Happy Matt Harman Day!

Global Personals wouldn’t be what it is today without our long-standing, valued employees. That’s why yesterday, we celebrated a very special day – Matt Harman Day!

Matt Harman joined Global Personals nine years ago today as employee number one. Starting out as the company’s General Manager, Matt worked in Site Management, Member Acquisition and PPC before moving in to his current role as Email Marketing Manager. We celebrated Matt Harman Day with balloons, cake and a special video message from Ross who is out of the office today.

Matt Harman Day

When we asked Matt what it felt like to be part of the furniture, he said:

“I feel very much like one of those old ladies who claim to be +120 years old. Any record of the event has long since been lost, if indeed there were reliable records in the first place, and nobody else is still around to verify it, so the only limit to the claim is keeping it believable!

“On a more serious note, it’s been an amazing experience moving through a number of different job roles as the company grew, and watching us go from being one jack-of-all-trades with a laptop to over 100 specialists in their field. I can’t wait to see what the next nine years brin… what am I saying?! If I’d have robbed bank I’d either be out now if I’d been caught or I’d have made a lot more money if I’d got away with it!”

Nine years later and ever the joker! I think you can all join us in thanking and congratulating Matt for working so hard for so long and becoming an instrumental cog in the Global Personals machine. Here’s to the next nine years, Matt!



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