Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us..!

Yes, we took a massive risk at the beginning and bet it all on black but we saw it as ‘the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward’ – we were proven right and continue to be proven right.

We have learned some lessons along the way and continue to learn lessons everyday about what not to do as well as what to do. We are constantly learning from our partners and most importantly, our members. We must give them what they want and that’s what we strive to do. If we do that right then we will always be a success.

We have had eight of these birthdays now and every single one is different and brings a new challenge. On our first birthday, the challenge was paying the rent. On our eighth birthday, the challenge is how to make sure we can successfully deliver up to 10million emails every day, service the 7.7 million members we have and support the 6000+ websites we help run. I am still not sure what challenge I prefer to be honest!! (On top of that of course, is the ongoing challenge of keeping a smile on the face of the 95 employees that make all of this happen).

We have built a great business and continue to do so. The passion of our staff and partners is second to none and looking back all of those years ago, did I ever think we would get to eight years and be where we are now?……..No, I didn’t think we would…I knew we would!

The big question is……What will this baby look like at nine years old?!

(Some of the team below- we will take a bigger picture of the whole company next month!)


Steve Pammenter
Co-Founder & Director Of Partnerships

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