Happy 9th Birthday Global Personals!

Global Personals Ltd, the largest privately owned online dating company in Europe that owns award-winning platform, celebrates nine years in the business today, with a fast growing month-on-month share of the dating industry, that increased by +85% over the last three months (April vs. July*).

The research studied key metric data from Hitwise, looking at sites in today’s dating market and the dating portfolio owned and operated by Global Personals Ltd. The top three visited sites in July 2012 were free dating site, PlentyOfFish, the Global Personals Ltd network, followed by The data showed that the Global Personals network was only marginally behind the free dating site, yet’s visits lagged behind in third ranking with a -233% gap to Global Personals’ second place.

Ross Williams, Co-founder and CEO, said:

“These Hitwise statistics are the best present we could have been given for our 9th anniversary. Gone are the days of generic, ‘one size fits all’ dating sites, which used to dominate the market. With all of our technology developed in-house, we will continue to evolve with our vast network of global partners, offering the public the best range of desktop and mobile enhanced dating sites on the market.”

Steve Pammenter, Co-founder and COO, adds:

“Being the fastest-growing company in the dating industry is a testament to the hard work by our great and highly experienced team. We have a number of structures in place to ensure that as a company, we can continue to grow and meet consumer demands – for both members of our dating sites and for our network of partners. We look forward to a very bright future, with more plans in the pipeline to be announced over the next 12 months.”

To read our press release in full, please click here.

Happy Birthday Global Personals!

(*Global Personals Ltd percentage of dating category in Hitwise – April vs. July 2012).

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