Happily Ever After :)

We received a lovely message from a very loved up member and wanted to share the love with you! It really makes everything worthwhile when you hear stories like this, especially when you hear the great news they have to share…..

” Hi Everyone

I thought I would just share my good fortune with you and thank you for your help.

I joined your site back last year Feb to be exact, at the same time a lovely girl from Scotland joined. (Im from Wales)
Anyway, we got talking after I sent a wink to Gayle. We decide to meet up after communicating for a few weeks via phone, Skype, Txt, emails we would have communicated by morse code if that was the only way. So I travelled 450 miles to meet Gayle face to face for the first time, excited, scared, nervous are only a few words I could describe this moment but I knew deep down it just felt so right (like nothing before).
We got on even better in real life than we actually did on the phone or texting (and we would come home from work and talk till the early hours of the morning each night and I mean each night.) People could never believe how much we talked, they would always say how long? What do you talk about? lol.

To cut a long story short, after a lot and I mean a lot of flying back and forth. In August I moved to Scotland to be with Gayle. The company I worked for allowed me to work from home, which is great and now we have had some good news; that we are expecting our FIRST CHILD!!! We just had our 12 week scan and everything seems to be OK. So I thought I would just drop you line and say thank you because next month will be our 1st anniversary on the 15th and we both know if it wasnt for this site we would never have met and to think it all started with a wink.


We just wanted to say a huge congratulations and look forward to welcoming the little bump into the big wide world! We are very happy one of our sites has been able to create such happiness πŸ™‚

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