Google Analytics Tracking News

We realise how important Google Analytics tracking is to you and your business, giving you maximum clarity of your member activity on your websites. So we’ve now just released an update to the Google Analytics tracking inside the Premium Template application. This update will allow you to use the Google Analytics E-Commerce features, allowing you to track revenue and payments by source, campaign and keyword within your Google Analytics account.

To take advantage of this update, you need to make sure your site is on the premium template, so if you haven’t already spoken to your partner manager about doing this, give them a call today!

The next step is to enable the E-commerce tracking for each Google Analytics Profile (website profile), which is done by the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Google Analytics
Step 2: Click into the Account that contains the Profile you wish to add E-Commerce tracking to
Step 3: Click Edit next to the Google Profile
Step 4: Edit the box titled Main Website Profile Information
Step 5: Set E-Commerce tracking to Yes and press Save

Once you have done this, your website will start tracking automatically. Below is an example tracking report:


E-Commerce tracking can also be used for tracking a source, campaign and keyword that also drives a paid subscription to your dating site. This fits hand in hand with the campaign tracking within the Partner Portal, however if you don’t use the campaign tracking, you can use this through Google Analytics. To find out more on how to add utm_parameters to your advertising campaigns, get in touch with your partner manager or view the online resources here to learn more….

How does this benefit you?

This new update to Google Analytics tracking allows you to understand which traffic source, campaigns and keywords are the most successful. It also shows which newsletters and email communications that are delivered through the platform, are driving members back to your dating sites and then onto a paid subscription.

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