Global Giving Bake Sale Extravaganza

Global Personals, the parent company of, are lucky enough to have had a fair amount of success in the last decade. As such, it’s important to us that we give something back. Global Giving is our charity programme, which sees the company hold regular fundraising drives for a number of nominated charities. Friday 27th July was was the Global Giving Bake Sale. Read on, to find out more…

Fridays are always a relatively’ fat’ affair in the Global Personals office, with bacon butties, pastries and fruit kebabs awaiting the team on arrival. This was no exception; in fact, Friday the 27th July got a whole lot fatter. Planning for the Global Giving Bake Sale had been rolling for a good few weeks. Preparation for the baking itself started on Wednesday, with frantic ingredient buying, cake prepping and of course, pinny washing.

The results definitely paid off as hoards of hungry Globalites descended on the Kitchen to sample the culinary delights of the Global Kitchen Goddesses (yes, that is their official name) for just £1 a cake. And what an extensive selection of goodies there were! We were spoilt with the classics; the lemon drizzles, the Victoria sponges and the trusty banana loaf, as well as the cosmopolitan cupcakes, cake pops and a cake so delightful that it could have been baked by Alice in Wonderland herself.

The Global Kitchen Goddesses

However, with great success, comes great pain. Unfortunately, a number of Globalites also experienced a few ‘cake-tastrophes’ along the way. For your entertainment, here is a round-up of our Cake Outakes:

1. Claire, PA to CEO and Board – Major Cake-trastophe involving a very tense meeting between a tray of fresh Chocolate Brownies and the floor.
2. Jenna, Comms Team – Last minute collision between a Chocolate Cake and boyfriend’s pristine, vanish-white Caddy uniform, resulting in extensive collateral damage.
3. Louisa, B2B PR & Marketing – Burn of olympic proportions incurred during the cake tin’s transition from oven to cooling rack.
4. Amy, Content and Copywriting Co-ordinator – Caused the perfect slice of Victoria Sponge to experience an almost deadly drop. Thankfully the slice was saved at the very last minute… Did someone say Team GB?

Whilst we joke, it’s important to remember the reason for the Bake Sale. All proceeds will go to nominated Global Giving charity, Thames Hospicecare. The charity does incredible work to provide palliative care for adults with cancer and other life limiting illnesses, with the intention of improving the quality of life for patients and their families. The care that they provide is vital and makes them a very worthy cause that Global Giving are proud to support.

At the final count, the Bake Sale raised a delicious £196.49.  Thank you to all of our bakers and buyers for making the day a success and supporting Thames Hospicecare!

To feast your eyes on all of Friday’s photos head over to our Facebook page. [DISCLAIMER: Global Personals are not responsible for any sugar rush craved or cake consumed after viewing.]

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