Future predictions for the online dating industry

As we celebrate a decade of business success at, our team use their knowledge and expertise to look to the future and predict some of the next fun trends (if a bit wacky!), to take place in the forever-evolving online dating industry…

Wearable technology and augmented reality

“In the next 5-10 years, wearable technology and augmented reality combined will make online dating more tangible and similar to the offline experience. Sensory elements will populate the online dating industry.” Nuria, PPC Specialist.

“In 20 years time, most single people will be using dating sites and technologies such as Google Glass, which will allow us to simply glance at someone we like in a quiet train or noisy bar and see if they’re single. It could link us to whatever dating site they’ve joined and we could sign up then and there and get chatting. We wouldn’t have to make awkward small talk in front of other listening passengers or try to shout over a DJ and if we’re out with friends, they needn’t even know.” Matthew, Customer Care Moderator.

“In the future our relationship statuses will be worn like a badge of honour. Do they share my interests; are they looking for someone like me? All will be revealed just by looking at the floating graphics above their head!” Pete, Head of UX.

Virtual dating

“Communication will be done on the latest device and when ready, you can determine the location and date as holograms. The member gets to see the other person in full and can determine whether a) they match their photo and b) whether their personality matches their personality online. Because it’s a hologram, you can date as you would in real life without the risk of any potential dangers.” The Partner team,

“As the supply of potential new dates increases, the demand for first date requests in coffee shops will follow the same trend. A new step will develop, where the majority of people will have a “first virtual date”, before meeting in person for the second or “first real” date.” Ben, Head of Innovation.

DNA or gene matching

“In 100 years, DNA-based matching. You won’t need to tell a system who you want, your genes will. For the near future, “always-on” mobile matching will be popular. You’ll be alerted when someone in the same train carriage or pub is a high match.” Barry Frost, CTO.

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