PM Tips: Front-end Optimisation

Testing and optimisation really are key to keeping on top of the competition, defining your brand, lowering your CPAs and increasing your ROI.

At, we split-test price points in-house with our Rate Card Testing tool to ensure that your sites are priced effectively, in order to generate the best possible revenues for you… But are you testing enough on the front-end? If you want your site to be a success, you should always be looking to improve your performance – the key? Never stop testing.

Campaign Optimisation
Whether you advertise on Google, Facebook or with Ad Networks, reviewing your campaigns every few days is essential, as there will be frequent fluctuations in price and quality; you can then optimise campaigns accordingly. Closely analysing CPCs (click-per-click) and CPLs (cost-per-lead) across campaigns is vital, as it will help you to achieve the best possible click-through-rates, in keeping ads relevant to your audience.  In turn, this will increase Keyword Quality Scores, subsequently lowering CPCs and increasing your Ad Position.

Landing Page Optimisation
So, your campaigns have been optimised, your costs have been lowered and your ads have a good click-through-rate; now it’s time to look at your click-to-registration rates (page-view-to-registration) and the ways to increase this, essentially lowering acquisition costs. Testing your pages is paramount and the smallest change can make a huge difference.

Are You Using The Expandable Reg Form?
If you aren’t, you should be. The Expandable Reg Form tool regularly sees sign-up rates increase by up to 40%, in some cases; that’s a huge number of additional registrations that you could see from simply altering the registration form. You may also want to test some other features on your homepage such as the main image, different buttons, adding or removing the member widget, removing the search feature or using a different layout altogether; the opportunities really are endless.  Split-tests can be analysed within Google Analytics, through Google Content Experiments. Your Partner Manager will be able to send you the instructions for setting these tests up and help you to get them live.

What Will All This Mean For You?
Sure, it sounds like a bit of work but isn’t is it worth making these little changes if it means increasing your ROI? The end goal with any site that you launch on the platform is to increase your profit margins and ROI.

Optimising campaigns lowers CPCs and increases quality scores for Google, meaning higher click-through-rates (and vice versa). Optimising your landing page designs will have further impact and result in higher click-to-registration rates, as well as lowering acquisition costs.

There’s lots that you can do to maximise the potential of your sites. If you need any help or advice, get in touch with your Partner Manager today.

Kabeer Ghale, Partner Manager @

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