Free PR…What Better Way to Get Your Site Noticed!

In our recent newsletter we spoke about the importance of PR and being in the public eye. Carrying on from this we wanted to make you aware that there are plenty of places where you can place PR releases for free and get them out into the world for everyone to see.

So the next step…what do you write a press release about? Well a great place to start is White Label Dating itself. You would have recently received emails and blog posts about new releases and development updates on the WLD platform. We can’t remind you enough…..our updates are your updates, our new releases are your new releases. When we introduced icebreakers and inbox filtering, so did you!

We want to encourage you to take advantage of free press release sites to PR the White Label Dating announcements under your sites name, after all they are your announcements too and it’s a great way to generate exposure for your site.

To get you started here are a list of a few free press release distribution sites:-

Go out there and get yourselves noticed, good luck!

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