Engaging with users over the festive period

As social networking becomes more ingrained in our everyday online lives; we can no longer afford to ignore this crucial avenue of traffic.

We all know that Christmas is about sharing, so it is not surprising for Facebook to have unusually high volumes between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. People use it as a tool for wishing season’s greetings to their Facebook friends but there will also be those who are keen in sharing their joy (read: showing off) about their gifts and will be posting updates all day. “Guess who got a Man Utd Season ticket?!”, “having fun on my new iPad” or “Loving my new Mulberry bag”.

Last year it was reported that Facebook received more UK internet visits than Google UK on Christmas Day! The Hitwise chart below shows that Facebook accounted for 10.50% of all UK internet visits on 25 December 2010, whilst Google was 9.77%. This was the first time that Facebook became the most popular UK website.


So how can all this help you?
There have been numerous studies that show the highest number of break-ups happen the day after Valentine’s and two weeks before Christmas, so there are ample singletons online during the festive period. Having a Facebook page or Twitter account is key for driving brand awareness and engagement online.

I know most of you will probably be looking forward to the Queen’s Speech, Eastenders special, and Miracle on 34th street (accompanied by the obligatory tin of Quality Street) so won’t really want to be updating your social media accounts. However there are loads of free programmes out there that you can use to schedule posts including:


Most of them allow you to update Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, so you can get your posts set up over the coming weeks and your sites will remain engaging over the festive period!

Melissa Thompson
Partner Manager @

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