Email Verification

In a continued effort to keep you updated with developments to the platform, we wanted to get in touch to inform you of an additional security measure being introduced to your site with effect from today.


Email Verification

As everybody in the industry knows, the fight against scammers is a constant battle. Not only do they muddy the database, they lower the experience of members on the site and reduce conversions from basic to full membership.

Here at, we’ve decided to introduce email verification for new members joining your site. As soon as they go through the sign up process, an email will be sent to their inbox with a link which will verify their account.

We’re excited by this introduction and look forward to seeing an improvement in the quality of members in the database.


We’re Here To Help


The new verification process has been rolled out across the platform this morning. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Partner Manager who will be happy to help.

We look forward to waving goodbye to the scammers and would love to get your feedback on any results that you see!

Kindest regards & happy holidays!

Mel Kirk
Social Media Manager
White Label Dating

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