Dating Site Top Tips From Jessica Dimsdale!

Due to the experience I have gained over the four years working at as Customer Care Manager, I have a great insight into the minds of online daters and make it my job to ensure that every customer is happy and leaves having found their perfect partner.


I thought I would put together some ‘top tips’ for our partners who run dating sites on our platform, or for those who are considering setting up a site on the network.

– Your customers are happy – take advantage. Here at Global Personals HQ, the Customer Care Team is dedicated to providing your customers with a 1st class service. We adjust our handling techniques to suit every individual’s personality and needs and won’t end the call until the member leaves happy. So, why not take advantage of the outstanding customer care that is delivered to your members by placing a Customer Feedback section onto your homepage. It’s a great way for you to share with both existing and new members the level of service and care you provide. Your own little review centre – it will work wonders!

– Listen. The main objective for any business is to make money, but this objective is far more easily obtained when you listen to your customer and understand their needs. More often than not, during the course of conversation with a customer they will divulge information that can be the key to your success. Therefore, building a relationship of trust will not only prompt them to gain a sense of security with you but will also be a driving force for repeat business.

– Considering this, why not ask members for their own ideas – what are their wants and needs? Simply set up an email address on your home page and send the results over to your Partner Manager who can pursue this for you. What better way to improve your service by asking the people who actually use it! Why not set aside a section on your home page where members can post stories about their life events, a ‘Members Corner’. This can be anything such as; Xmas party stories/New Year’s resolutions even past dating experiences. This will create a more personable atmosphere – something people are looking for when thinking of joining a dating site.

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