Customer Support Team Update w/c 7th June

Hello again…We hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend!! The customer care team were in the office as normal to assist our members with any problems they may have.
We realise that great customer care comes hand in hand with great team work so we are always keen on spending time outside of work to get to know any new starters etc and create good relationships.
Last week the Customer care team got together with the moderation team to enjoy a meal in a lovely local Italian restaurant, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I’m sure we will have many more events like this in the future.

Query of the week

We have made some great changes to the search facility on all premium template sites and this has made a lot of our members very happy to see that we have taken their ideas on board. We do encourage our members for feedback and we are always happy to hear of any ideas our members have, after all they are the people using the website.

Changes we have made to the search facility include being able to search with the following criteria:

Last Online
Latest joined
Newest video
Newest photo

We are happy to hear of the great feedback from our members regarding this new and improved feature and are looking forward to introducing this to all of our websites in the near future.

Customer Satisfaction rate:


Good feedback:

As always, let us share some good feedback with you, here are our handpicked 2 of the week:

Lyn  of Dateline:

I would like to cancel my subscribtion, because I have met a wonderful man.
I would like to thankyou for this wonderful dating site,
I am so supprized,
Thankyou again
Yours Sincerly

Gary of somanysingles_mature:

Hi i would just like to say thank you very much for getting my girlfriend i together we met on this site last feb and are getting engaged on her birthday this october.
we have both been been married before and both have 2 teenage boys and we all get on just fine.
we are both in love we can complete each others sentences look across the room and know what we are thinking all is good in our world so thank you very much for your website
cheers gary

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