Customer Support Team Update w/c 26th July

Another busy week here for the Support Team, our Ice Breaker feature seems to be going from strength to strength with more and more members using it to break the Ice! This has been keeping our Moderation Team extremely busy ensuring all are approved within 4 hours as well as profiles, photos, first messages, videos and diaries, what would we do without them . The Ice Breaker has proven a popular feature on the site with both our Basic and Full Members making full use of it to improve their success. Its great to see our members making the most of the features available to them and the introduction of the Ice Breaker being such huge success!

Query of the week:

With Summer here and everyone jetting off on their holidays our members are in the mood to upload some of their best holiday snaps! Whether it will be sipping cocktails by the pool, relaxing on the beach or showing off their Jet Ski skills uploading new and recent photos are a great way to get their profile noticed and to increase their success on the site. Photos are just as important as the personal profile in finding the perfect relationship, a Full Member can upload up to 10 photos and as the saying goes a picture says a thousand words……

So here is a few tips we give our members for those perfect profile photos;


Tip 1.

The head shot, it’s all about eye contact and flirting! Smiling sweetly does work but is not quite as effective as flirting with the camera.

Tip 2.

Women get great results from “the universally maligned MySpace Shot” the hold your phone above your head and click look. So girls, if you’re looking to get some extra messages the simple “MySpace Shot” is “the single most effective photo type for women”. Get involved girls!

Tip 3.

Finally bringing pets back into the mix, unlike guys girls should stay far away from posing with our furry friends as it can rapidly drop your repossess, it’s even worse then posing with a drink. Ladies, you have been told. Hopefully these results have given you a bit of help and guidance on what to do for your profile picture. So go get snapping!


Tip 1.
Another thing to take into account is what you have on. If you decide not to flaunt your bare chest, the results showed that men who dress more casual come out higher than those who made more of an effort. So I think the moral is boys, lose the shirt or lose the tie!

Tip 2.
Right then, onto that all important face shoot. According to the survey the best look for guys is to not smile and to look away from the camera. That sounds easy enough hey?

Tip 3.
A pet, posing with one is a huge plus for a guys profile. It’s apparently nearly as good as showing off those abs! So whether it’s your little pooch you pose with or the neighbours cat get a cute fluffy animal involved, they can work wonders for you!

Tip 4.
One final tip to add is to try and do something interesting in your pic. Us girls are suckers for a musician, a pic of a guy playing a guitar for example can make a girl become interested in you without even reading your profile. Always a good start! Hopefully these results have given you a bit of help and guidance on what to do for your profile picture. So go get snapping!”

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This Weeks Good Feedback:

Sandra from Fish Dating UK

“Just wanted to thank all of you up in the back of beyond for taking us girls seriously when we have doubts re a members credibility.
You have deactivated a potential scammer from your site after my report..
Thank you for making this a safe place for vulnerable ladies like myself..
Well done ..

Jenny on Dating Partners


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