Customer Support Team Update w/c 22nd March

Its been a manic couple of weeks in Support what with all of the improvements and new features rolling out over the sites. However, with all of the excitement of recent changes having died down (for now at least), last week was fairly smooth running. This gave us the chance to put all of our efforts into providing the highest level of customer care possible. Having that little bit of extra time to spend on the phone to a member, or being able to write a more detailed response, is the difference between offering support and offering excellent Customer Care. We want our members to know that they can always pick up the phone and talk to a ‘friendly human’, seeing us more like friends as opposed to a ‘faceless’ organisation.

There was a new, yet familiar, face in Support last week as our Finance Director Darren took part in an ‘experience’ day. This is something that everyone in the company with be partaking in at some point throughout the year, and is an excellent opportunity for them to have first hand experience in dealing with our members. We were all really excited to have the chance to teach Darren what we do on a daily basis, and to show him the ropes. He was the perfect student, taking notes and all in all picking things up very quickly. However, he did manage to sneak out of picking up the phone (we think he was nervous), and let’s just say we don’t think he will be giving up his day job!

Thank you for reading, until next time we hope you have a fabulous week!

Member Query of the week

Our most popular query this week was on the subject of gifts! Now as this is a topic that we have covered a couple of times already, we thought we would cover a slightly different question to ‘how do these work’. What with it being St.Patricks day last week, we got into the spirit of things by giving our members the option of sending themed gifts. St.Patricks day is great fun no matter what your background is, and gifts are a great way to break the ice. What a brilliant combination! The limited edition gifts we offered on all sites came in the form of a refreshing pint of Guniess, a lucky shamrock, and a comical green hat.

Our members often ask ‘If I send someone a gift, will other people be able to see it’. We reassure our members that in the same way that messages are kept private, gifts are also exclusive between the sender and the recipient.  Therefore, you can send the gift along with a message and this will not appear on the recipients profile or display to other members in any way. The only thing left to say to our members was ‘May the luck of the Irish be with you!’.

Satisfaction Rate



The feedback from our members is brilliant, very reassuring and is totally in line with how eficient and organised our Customer Care is. Below are just two examples of the fantastic messages we have received this week.

Jenny on

“Thanks to your site, ive been lucky enough to find the man of my dreams…..I was only on it for a few days before finding him. We have since met up, after only speaking online for 2 days!! Sometimes, you just know! I have a months subscription, but i am cancelling it, as i no longer need it, so many thanks.”

Sharon on Plenty More Fish UK

“This is just to let you know that I have already met someone within 4 days of being on your website, and would like to hide my profile now, as we will be meeting again. I cannot thank you enough as without being on here I would not have met such a lovely man. I am thrilled to bits. I came on here purely on impulse, and it has worked. I am so happy!! Thanks again. Sharon”

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