Customer Support Team Update w/c 22nd Feb

Another week has flown by in the White Label Dating offices, the support team have been working as hard as ever to keep standards high and ensure that our members have a happy and positive experience with us. Our two newest members of the support team have been working really hard over the past week and we are pleased to say that they have both really picked up their new role very well. We hope you all have a great week and we will be back to update you next week 🙂

Member query of the week

We have recently introduced the ‘Who’s Viewed Me’ section. This well sought after facility allows our members to see who has been interested in their profile. As a basic member you are able to view the last three members who have ‘checked you out’. Our full members can view all members who have viewed them since the facility was introduced.

This is a great way of encouraging all members to interact with members who have shown an interest in their profile. This will highlight members who may have never been matched otherwise. The facility will indicate the attraction of each members profile, of which the support team can point them in the right direction of getting more views, thus a higher success rate. Our aim is to get people talking! 🙂

The most commonly asked question of the week is ‘If I’ve viewed a profile more than once will I appear multiple times on the list?’

We can assure members that they will only appear once in the ‘Whos Viewed Me’ section. Each time you view a member you will be listed as the last member to view the profile, therefore listed as the top. Each member is listed by time and date of viewing rather than the number of times they have viewed the profile.

Customer satisfaction rate


Good feedback

We always look forward to hearing good feedback from our members, this week we have chosen the two below to share with you:

We are pleased that Monica of has found her perfect match:

Monica: I have found my match on your site, am ecstatically happy and would like to cancel my subscription as I believe he is the man that I have been waiting for all my life!

Thank you very much for a stunning site!

Kindest regards

Another happy customer is Duncan hall of

Duncan: Hello there, I just wanted to say your site has cheered me up no end and would recommend it to people i think suitable and deserving. Its brilliant.

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