Customer Support Team Update w/c 21st June

Wow what a busy week we’ve had in Windsor. The excitement of Ascot Races is now dying down and it’s back to business!

We ended last week with a company presentation which is a great chance for all departments to give an update and what’s been happening and what’s coming up. It’s always great to hear what new developments we have coming up and to see the number of members joining increasing each month. We also had a sneak preview of the Global Personals video which had us all in giggles – you’ll be able to view it soon on the website!

Query of the week

When advising the best way to get your profile noticed, we always tell our members to make use of our diary facility. This week we’ve had a lot of questions on what exactly this feature should and can be used for.

The great thing about the diary facility is that members can make it as short or as long as they’d like. So from telling everybody what a great weekend they’ve had to going into detail on why they’ve joined the site and what they’re looking for. It’s a fantastic way to get their profile noticed and give other members an insight into their personality, lifestyle, sense of humour, background and more! Alot of our members use their diary entries to pass on dating advice from personal experiences, some even use it to show their creative side by writing poetry and short stories!

It’s one of our favourite features on the site and with the growing interest in online blogging, we think this is one of the strongest ways to create interest in members profiles, and we love hearing what our members have to say!

Customer Satisfaction Rate


Good Feedback

Brian of Silver Surfers Dating –

I have now found a new partner thanks to your site,thank you for your help. I hope all the ladies who have been in touch with me over the last six months find their perfect partner.

Lorraine from Love Friend UK –

To let you know that I have met someone nice and we will be pursuing a relationship.

I found it to be easy to use and the people on it a lot more polite.

If I have a need to return yours will be the one i do too. I have recommended your company to 2 of my friends who have joined and will always say good things about you.

Hope you continue to have a sucessful site.

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