Customer Support Team Update w/c 21st Dec

Well its finally here, Christmas is in a few days time and we are still working hard to answer all our members ‘ queries through email, phone and support message. We are also offering Customer Care to all our members on Boxing Day to ensure that any questions can be dealt with as soon as possible to keep our members satisfied with the service we provide. We all had a great time at the Christmas Party last week and it gave everyone a chance to mingle with different members of staff which is always a great positive for social work events. As Christmas is on Fridaywe also wanted to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas from all of us here at Support! We hope you have a lovely holiday and we are looking forward to seeing you again next week.

Query of the Week

With Christmas creeping up our members have been longing to find their perfect partner in time for the festive season, this means that they are asking us how they can get to know other members a bit better and how they should be doing this.

We do not stop members from sending each other contact details as long as this is within a private message, however we do not advise that any members hand out their contact details until they are 100% certain that they are communicating with someone that they trust.

For members within our general network we advise that they use the online chat facility as they will be able to have an instant conversation with other members online at that time.

To use this facility members will first need to click on the “Whos online” tab at the top of the page, you will then be presented with all members that are currently logged into their account. At the left of the page you will be able to change information such as age and location to change the results you are being presented with.

Once you have found a member that you would like to start a conversation with you will simply need to click on “Chat now” below the members photo and wait for them to accept your invitation.

We always remind members that in order to use this facility you will need to have the latest version of the adobe flashplayer installed on your computer, if this has not already been installed  they will need to visit to download this program for free.

We do feel that this is a great way to communicate with one another as this is an instant feature and you do not need to wait hours or days for a response meaning that people can speed up the process of getting to know each other and hopefully hit it off.
We hope that with the use of our websites and of features like this, we help our members to find that special someone for the new year of 2010 đŸ™‚

Customer Satisfaction Rate


Customer Feedback

We are pleased to report that in the past week we have had some great feedback from our members but we have chosen just two messages to share with you.

The first message is from Liz Maitland ““.

Thank you

We are very happy to hear that Rachel Young “” has found what she was looking for…here is what she wrote to our support team:

Rachel: I am now in a lovely position of having meet someone wonderful and things are going great.
Therefore, I would be very grateful if my membership could be cancelled. Thank you for all your help and for helping me find Mr Right.

Best wishes and seasons greetings to you all.

Kind regards

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