Customer Support Team Update w/c 1st Feb

Hello everybody! It’s now February, and with the new month we also have some very exciting news – we have moved offices! Although it’s only down the road, the new office is open plan and very spacious! The support team are very happy with our new surroundings, including brand new phones and desks. We can’t wait to get settled in 🙂 We hope you have a lovely week, and we will see you again next time!

Customer Satisfaction Rate

Member Query of the Week
As you may know, on the January 26th 2010 we launched PayPal across all of our sites. This now means that members have several ways of choosing to make a payment with us, these being:

1.       Payment online via credit/debit card
2.       Payment via mobile phone
3.       Payment via cheque/postal order
4.       Payment via PayPal

Prior to the introduction of PayPal, we did receive a large number of members writing into us regarding their interest in being able to pay via this method therefore; as soon as this went live we sent a newsletter to all our members informing them of the great news!
The main query we have had regarding payment via PayPal is how we will appear on their statement. We inform members that it will appear as ‘PayPal – Global Personals’
We have had some great feedback so far from members who have now chosen to upgrade their accounts with us. With all these new full members the pool of potential soul mates has just got even bigger! 🙂

Good Feedback
We are pleased to report that in the past week we have had some great feedback from our members and  we have chosen these two messages to share with you.

The first message is from Susie “plentymorefish

“Thank you so much……I appreciate your help and am happy to deal with people who are so helpful.”

We have another message to share from Lynne “Lovesecondtimearound

“Many thanks for that information. It’s as I guessed or thereabouts!

I’m not sure that I have the latest Adobe Flashplayer – I’ll have to check.

At least I know how it works now!

Congratulations on a good site. Much better than one of your rival ones which I have abandoned!

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