Customer Support Team Update w/c 18th Jan

Hello everyone. It’s the start of another new week at support and we have a new member of the support team! We all warmly welcome Pat to our team, who has started this Monday with us. Pat moved over after spending 3 months on our Administration team, and with her previous customer support experience and friendly personality we are sure she will fit right in with us! We love adding new members to our ever growing support team, and hopefully it will be the first of many additions this year. So from all of us we hope you have a good week and we will see you again next Monday 🙂

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Member Query of the Week
This week we are going to discuss a matter that comes into support as a query every so often – Timeout. A member will usually ask us why they have lost a message they have been composing, or why they are being asked to log in when they have previously logged in earlier that day.

Timeout is a security feature on the site. When a member has become inactive for 30 consecutive minutes, the site will automatically log them out of the site and ask the member to re-enter their details to continue with their lapsed session. Inactivity is classed as a member who hasn’t moved from one page to another within 30minutes, which triggers the Timeout facility.

We do assure and stress to our members that this aids them in a situation where they may have left a public or private computer unoccupied, as this would prevent non-members from accessing their account and viewing private messages or changing personal details.

Unfortunately on some occasions, this may result in a member losing a message they had been composing – however to combat this we suggest to members to compose their message in a Word Document or a WordNotePad, as this would allow the member to spend as long as they wish on the message with no risk of the message being lost! They would then be able to simply copy and paste the message into our message facility.

Good Feedback

We are pleased to say that the good feedback is still coming in, we have chosen the two below to share with you this week:

The first is from Brain from

Brain: Hi would like to remove my profile for the time being . thanks to scarlet dating have met a fantastic woman .thank u and happy new year

Thanks :)x

The second support message we would like to share with you is from Janet from

Janet: Thank you. I have found someone and I’m very impressed with how the website works; also that you make a priority of the safety and security of members.

Very best wishes


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