Customer Support Team Update w/c 17th May

So another week at Global Personals has gone by, and as we mentioned last week we have made some changes to the adult network meaning that we have had a lot of moderations to clear with members updating their profiles. Lucky for us we have a very hard working moderation team so no members were left waiting around for their new and improved profiles to be approved. In fact our new average approval time has now gone down to just 2 hours. With moderations coming in thick and fast we have been going through the interview process for a new pair of hands over the past couple of weeks, we look forward to introducing you to our new addition shortly and I’m sure we will be updating you soon with our new and improved moderation time 🙂

Member query of the week

We haven’t really had one query stand out from the rest this week, but as the topic has steered towards moderations we will be covering this with you today.

We have members asking on a daily basis how long it will take for their photos, diary entries etc to be approved…I’m sure you will agree from the figures below that our approval times are fast, leaving our members happy and ready to move on to the fun stage of finding someone.

Average approval times over the last 30 days:

Photos: 2 hours
Ice Breakers: 1.32 hours
Profiles: 2 hours
Diary entries: 2.51 hours
Private Messages 2 hours
Videos: 2.05 hours

With our approval times getting better all the time, our members are more inclined to update their profiles on a regular basis, this means more attention directed at their profiles meaning that our members are enjoying their time on the site more.

Customer Satisfaction rate


Good feedback

The first support message we would like to share with you is from LJ of ….congratulations to you 🙂

Message: I no longer want a page on your site, but thank you as I have found love through this site and have recommended it to others. I have now been in this wonderful relationship for about a year and we are moving in with one another now. thank you for helping me find my sole mate x

The second happy member is Maxine stevens of, we are pleased that she has also found someone with us.

Message: Please can you cancel my subscription when it runs out ( 17th May 2010) as I have now met someone and no longer need this service. Thank you for all your help and I would definately reccommend you to my friends as you provide an excellent service! Kindest regards Maxine.

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