Customer Support Team Update w/c 15th March

Well the last couple of weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster ride for all in Support. As you know we have recently reviewed the functionality of our sites from a member’s perspective, and we have been driving customer satisfaction more than ever. With all of the improvements and new features that we have been rolling out over the sites and behind the scenes, it is safe to say that we have all worked our socks off! Last week we began to moderate all first messages on the site. This means that all new members to join the site and upgrade their account, will now have their very first message screened. This will be another really important way of tracking down scammers as often, they will not seem suspicious until they start to send messages. However, we can now catch those scammers that have been sly enough to make it through profile and photo checks, and remove them at this stage in the moderating process.

The moderating team are doing really well and are still averaging at a four hour approval time on all profiles, diaries, photos and messages. They are showing great potential and are all going that extra mile to ensure that all content on the site meets our regulations. As this team grows, we will be sure to introduce you to each new moderator, as we want you to know exactly who is looking after our members.

As always thank you for reading. We will be back same time, same place next week. We all hope you have a brilliant week!

Member Query of the week

With success rates proving to be highly dependant on having a photo on your profile, our most popular query this week has been ‘What type of photo will get me the best response’. We advise all members that their photo should be a clear portrait shot of themself. This is the perfect default photo to have on your profile, as members can see exactly what you look like, as opposed to a distant shot where your face can just about be made out. Photos with friends or in a large crowd are also a no no. Having a photo with a lot of people in can be of just as much use as not have a photo at all. The reason for this being that members looking at the photo may not know which one you are or even worse, you may have a better looking friend! Therefore, your default photo should be all about you because lets face it, you’re the one looking for a date. All pictures should be up to date and should be taken as recently as possible. Imagine going on a date, only to find that the person you thought you were meeting is actually 10 years older…Not ideal!

The only thing that we ask is that the photo is of an appropriate nature for the site and does not include any animals or children. After all, people are not going to want to date your pet cat are they? We also allow our full members to upload up to ten photos. This is a brilliant way to show members more about yourself, what you get up to and your hobbies or interests. These photos can be updated regularly to show as much variety as possible and to keep the profile exciting.

Satisfaction Rate


Good Feedback

We’d like to thank all of our members who come back to us with their fabulous feedback! Here’s just a couple of the success stories we have received this week!

Brian on Plenty More Fish UK

“Hi, Thank’s for all your help over the last couple of months, I have now meet someone through your site and would ask you not to automatically renew my membership when it becomes due again in July 10. Please acknowledge receipt this e-mail. Regards Brian”

Denise on Love and Adore UK

“Hi, I had a wink from rikki on his birthday 1st october then i winked back we then exchanged e mails and met 2 weeks later. we met in a local pub and had a lovely meal and a chat, he was a perfect gentleman and on leaving the evening he gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers.
After this meeting we met several times and within a few weeks i knew he was the man for me. We fell in love almost immediately i can honestly say i have never experienced love like this its great and we are both extreamly happy after going through previous bad experiences.
We are hoping to marry later this year or next. I thank your dating site for this and hope many more people have the same or similar luck. if you would like a photo please let me know and where to send it.”

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