Customer Support Team Update w/c 14th Dec

As the countdown for Christmas creeps closer and closer, we seem to be receiving lots of success stories! We really love to see our members pairing up and finding happiness, and we wish them all the best. There’s a buzz in the office this week, as we have our support team Christmas dinner at a local restaurant and even more excitingly, we have our office Christmas party on Thursday – we can’t wait to let our hair down and celebrate the year we have had.  Rest assured we will be back in on Friday morning to support our customers as normal!

Customer Satisfaction Rate


Customer Query of the week

With Christmas fast approaching we have had many members asking us how they can stand out from other members and catch their perfect partners eye. As we mentioned last week, we have introduced some festive gifts so as well as sending out messages and updating profiles, we have been advising that our members send some gifts to get in the Christmas spirit.

Gifts that we have on offer for our general members include:

Santa hat
Xmas pud
Xmas tree

Gifts that we have for our Adult members include:

Santa Lingerie
Christmas thong
Santa hat

All members on both networks will need to have purchased credits in order to make use of this feature, to do this they will need to click on “My Account” then “Credits” you will then be presented with a link that says “To Purchase Credits Click Here” they will need to click on the word “Here” to be taken through to the payments page.

Customer Feedback

Below is some good feedback from our members in the past week, we are pleased to hear that people are finding their perfect match in time for Christmas.

Our first message is from Nicky “Friends Of Yours”.

Nicky: Hello .. Could you be very kind and cancel my subscription please ? (I mean blank the whole thing) as I have now find a new partner through your site …
Thank you so much
Nicole Sandford

The second support message we would like to share with you is from Andrew “Senior Dating Agency”.

Andrew: Dear Support, please renew my contract from Wednesday. I am meeting some fantastic people on here.
Thank you very much.

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