Cougars Get Some Late Night Love

Thanks to the media attention sites like have been getting recently it’s not surprising that the subject of cougars has been brought to light within the media once again. Not only are magazines and newspapers lapping it up, now the radio has started to get involved.

The very popular Graham Torrington show, late night love did a special feature on cougars – older women, younger men which was live on BBC radio on Sunday 9th May at 10.00pm. On the show Graham spoke to an older women of 35 about her experiences with younger men, asking her how she came about dating younger men, what it is about them she likes and what her family and friends think of her antics. He also spoke to a younger gentleman of 23 about his dating and relationship experiences with older women. He went onto say the oldest age gap he had ever had was 20 years.

Having a whole radio show dedicated to discussing cougars and toyboys just shows how much of an impact this whole phenomenon has had on the media. It proves that once something gets picked up by one media source the rest are very close to follow. You can still listen to the radio show on the BBC i Player. Check it out and have a listen for yourself, the interviews they are only 9 minutes into the show, so get listening!

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