Christmas Parties Have Never Been so Naughty!

We have some recent facts and figures that we wanted to share with you in reference to that all important office Christmas party that is always so memorable!

According to a recent survey one in two brits have a fling at their office party. A shocking 47% of guys admitted that they “fancy a bit of someone from work” and 45% of women say they would quite happily risk their relationship to get up close and personal with a work colleague.

An even more scandalous stat was that 12% of people who took part in the survey said they would snog their boss in the hope of getting a promotion. There is no stopping these alcohol filled office lot!

Have you ever thought about pulling a sicky after that all famous Christmas party? Well be careful about pulling one this year… Christmas party sickies cost the economy a huge £216 million!! So watch out you don’t receive more than a bad hangover this year!

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