November Comms round-up & Christmas campaigns

November can sometimes feel like a bit of a non-event; Halloween and Bonfire Night are over before we even get into the swing of things, and it’s still too early to really get our teeth into our Christmas campaigns. So, the void had to be filled!

The launch of the new Cities functionality gave us plenty of opportunities to touch base with our members throughout the month. We sent out up to three stages of launch-related comms, depending on where members were located in relation to the big, metropolitan areas in their country.

For our American members, we also ran a Thanksgiving special offer, giving members a fantastic discount on any subscription package.

Other offers were applied across all territories, including a campaign focusing on lapsed members (those who had previously been paying members). We also sent out a general end-of-month push in the form of a free read followed by a discount offer, to encourage members to get their love lives on track ahead of the party season.

Add that to the usual round of up-sells, cross-sells, newsletters and social media activity and November made for yet another bumper month; although these days, bumper months are rapidly becoming the norm!

And so we come to December – a sentimental time of year for most and a veritable war-zone for email marketers everywhere! We’re in the final stages of creating our programme of campaigns to go out in the run-up to Christmas, across the festive period and beyond into the New Year. These include multi-drop member and feature-based touchpoints, engagement incentives and special offers, to keep the sites buzzing over the holidays and ensure there’s a reason for everyone to be online.

Matt Harman, Comms team

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