Christmas- Be Prepared!

Its official.. Summer is over. The nights are drawing in and I can’t believe I’m about to say it but plans are already under-way for the dreaded ‘C’ word…That’s right, Christmas. It may be under 100 days away, but it will be here before we know it.

Being prepared and thinking ahead when it comes to planning marketing and seasonal offers is key for success and not missing out on potential traffic and revenue, which is often higher during this period.

It’s important to always have an idea for marketing plans for the up and coming months- I’m sure you all know that not all marketing campaigns work instantly- especially if you use SEO and the results take time to come into effect.

Making sure your marketing campaigns and site designs are relevant, can and will make a difference. It might just be down to something as small as changing a few keywords and adjusting the imagery on your landing pages and blogs- but keeping the site blurb and designs up to date gives your members and attracting new possible members the feeling that your site is current and something they can relate to. As much as we want to see a carefree, happy couple strolling along a beach hand in hand, with blogs full of summer date ideas in mid-December when we are all sat at home with the heating on doesn’t seem right. However- We also have to take into consideration the sites in our international territories… giving the landing pages a dusting of snow and changing the imagery to loved up couples building a snowman won’t work for the Australian sites.

The key thing is to always be prepared, take into consideration your audience and take away the stress of last-minute design and campaign updates.

Merry Christmas 😉


Melissa T, Partner Manager


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