Ben’s first impressions

Ben is the newest addition to the Partner team. As Partner Support Executive, he oversees the Partner Support programme. In today’s blog, he shares his first impressions of life here at

Having spent the last three years working as a freelance Personal Trainer, it may come as a bit of a surprise that I’m now into my fourth month working at Global Personals with the partner team. It came as a surprise even to me!

One evening, when I was wiping the sweat off yet another exercise bike at about 10pm, I decided it was time to get a ‘real’ job. I had begun the final year of my Bachelors degree in International Business and Management, which I’m now just a few months away from completing online, and knew that it was time to start making the most of the skills I developed during my studies.

A couple of weeks later, I sat down at my own desk surrounded by over 100 new colleagues to begin the process of becoming an online dating industry expert. It was quite a daunting experience!

If you joined the platform as a new partner in the last three months, you’ll have spoken to me. My role co-ordinating the Partner Support programme is first and foremost to help new partners get their sites up and running, before guiding them through the learning process of how to run a dating business.

I ensure that every site that goes live meets the right criteria and functions correctly and guide partners through the site creation process. I also advise existing partners on how to effectively optimise their sites so they can reach the maximum potential.

As this is my first real experience of working full time in the business world, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. However, I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my first few months at Global Personals. The thing that I missed during my time as a Personal Trainer was the feeling of being part of a team. That’s something that you can’t help but realise at Global Personals; I’m not only part of the Partner Team, but of the whole company. There’s a real sense of togetherness here, and this enables us to provide the best possible help and support to our partners.

If you’re an existing partner on the Partner Support programme and would like some advice or guidance on how to optimise your sites, do get in touch! I’m here to help.


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