Bank Holiday Preparation: Dating-on-the-go Partner Manager, Kabeer Ghale, shares his top tips on how to get your campaigns ready for the Bank Holiday.

The August Bank Holiday is just around the corner, and as we enter the build up, it’s essential to make sure that you’re ready – the traffic is certainly there and the dating world is going to get busy!

To reiterate some previously mentioned stats, the last August Bank Holiday weekend saw a 15% uplift in basic registrations, as a result of an increase in the volume of dating related searches and traffic. There was also an impressive 53% increase in basic registrations between April and July 2012, as well as an even greater rise in initial upgrades by 70%.

Aside from the hard work of our Comms team in aiding those upgrades, there were a considerably large number of members online over the Bank Holiday period (as there always are). This means more members engaging within the sites, therefore, more upgrades are inevitable.

This brings me to the crux of this post: mobile. The above results were achieved from the web alone, without the aid of a mobile-platform. This year, with a mobile-platform available to you, we can expect the results to be even more impressive; make sure you utilise it! Enabling your sites on the mobile platform will make it easier for members to access your sites whatever their location, increasing the time they spend online as they date on-the-go.

27% of all UK Google dating queries and 23% of all dating site registrations are made via a mobile device and between April and July 2012; we experienced a 49% increase in initial upgrades just from mobile. With such enormous uplifts in mobile activity, it’s essential that you get on board at the earliest opportunity. Speak to your Partner Manager today about the easy steps you can take to get your sites mobile-enabled.

When your sites are mobile-enabled, you’ll have an additional marketing avenue at your disposal. This will allow you to effectively target mobile devices specifically and manage mobile traffic and costs independently.

The following tips will help you prepare your campaigns for the Bank Holiday and beyond, ensuring that your mobile sign-up rates are increased and acquisition costs are lowered.

Create a Mobile Landing Page:
In the same way that it’s not advisable to send traffic directly to the web application; you should also create a unique landing page to send your mobile traffic to. This will enable you to optimise your pages, keep them current and ensure they are unique. It’s worth noting that this is also favoured by Google in search terms.

Use our Mobile-Page-Switch script:
Speak to your Partner Manager about the line of JavaScript that can be added to the head of all your web landing pages to detect which device a user is viewing your page with. If it’s a mobile device, the browser will automatically switch to the mobile-optimised landing page.

Split all hybrid Campaigns and target mobile separately:
As costs fluctuate between web, tablet and mobile, it’s important to split your campaigns so that they target mobile separately from web and tablet devices.

Be sure to optimise all of your campaigns and turn up your spend wherever possible. This applies particularly to Bank Holiday weekends, but also to weekends in general (Sundays especially), when the platform typically experiences a spike in traffic volumes across the board.

If there is anything that you need help with to get started in mobile or to develop your mobile campaigns further, please get in touch with your Partner Manager today.

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