Autumn- Time To Get Dating!

Jenna from the Comms team has put together her thoughts on why autumn is the perfect season to get dating!


Summer is officially over (not that it ever really got going!) but…it’s ok! You see, summer is a bad season for dating. It’s filled with distractions. Whether that’s holidays with your friends (in which case everyone wants to be single on the off-chance of a holiday romance) or whether you’re a single parent whose time is spent arranging days out to keep the kids entertained, summer always gets in the way when it comes to dating.

Enter autumn. Dark mornings, blustery winds and dating season! Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

1. A new season is an excuse for a new wardrobe and a mini makeover. We all feel more confident when we’re happy with how we look.

2. You’ll notice that your friends start opting for nights in, snuggled up on the sofa with loved ones rather than evenings out. This is the perfect opportunity to get the laptop out, get online and upload photos of your new look whilst chatting to fellow singletons.

3. Christmas and New Year are on the horizon. Need I say more? None of us want to face another round of “So you’re still single then?’ followed by ‘Oh, your Mr / Mrs Right is out there somewhere, don’t you worry.”

4. Autumn gives singletons motivation. Two studies have shown that dating in the autumn is more likely to lead to a relationship later in the year, than at any other time of year.

So go on, get proactive and get dating!

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