August comms round up

The beginning of August was all about the Olympics. It was both a stressful and fun time for the Comms Team, with a large volume of campaigns going out in support of Team GB. To hear exactly how our Olympic efforts faired, check out Matt’s blog – on our Olympic Communications.

Following the Olympic madness, it was time to get back to supporting our members! Our Ice Breaker facility is an incredibly powerful tool for reaching out to members in the local areas, so we felt that our long-standing members, who had used their Ice Breaker when they first joined our sites, deserved to have another go. On the day we launched the campaign, the number of Ice Breakers sent doubled from a daily average of 4 million to 8 million, rising even further the following day to reach a staggering 10 million.   

With so many people sending fresh Ice Breakers and the bank holiday on the horizon, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to offer our members the chance to read their messages for free. So, on the Friday of the bank holiday weekend, members from all networks, including UK & International had the chance to take up the offer. And so they did!

The peak member online count rose impressively by a third during the time frame of the free read. This offer was followed by a free three day trial, rebilling on a one month subscription period. Of those that took up the trial, more than one in two re-billed.  Due to the success of the trial, the offer was extended for a longer period.

Now that the biggest event of the year has been and gone, it’s time to look forward to the rest of the year; Halloween, Christmas, New Year… Doesn’t time fly!?

Until next month,

Jenna Keating, Comms Team

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